What Should I Do If My Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Checks Stop?

Have you stopped receiving your weekly wage replacement checks from the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation office? Was the change unexpected? There are some legitimate reasons for your workers’ compensation benefits to end. However, it is possible that the workers’ compensation office has made a mistake.

The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys of Barnard, Mezzanotte, Pinnie and Seelaus, LLP in Media have provided personal and attentive service to workers’ compensation clients since 1980. We are also experienced litigators who have achieved numerous high-value sums in injury cases, including many six- and seven-figure verdicts and settlements.

Valid reasons your wage replacement checks may stop arriving include:

  • Your employer or the workers’ comp insurance company have evidence that you returned to work at a job that pays as well as or better than the job you were doing when you got hurt—but only if they give you proper notice that the benefits will stop.
  • Your temporary compensation benefits, which you can receive for up to 90 days after you report an injury, may stop if the employer or workers’ compensation insurance company notifies you that they reject your claim of a work-related injury.
  • A workers’ compensation judge can order benefits to stop after a hearing on your case.
  • You sign a “final receipt,” which is a supplemental agreement or an agreement to stop receiving workers’ compensation.
  • The 500-day eligibility period for receiving wage-replacement benefits expires.

In some of these situations, you may want to appeal to the Department of Labor & Industry’s Office of Adjudication — for example, if your workers’ comp checks stop arriving because your company or insurer rejects your injury claim or a workers’ comp judge denies your claim. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you file your appeal.

It may also be true that a mistake was made. Again, a lawyer’s help can be useful as you try to cut through the bureaucratic red tape to find the mistake that caused your wage replacement benefits to be cut off.

If your Pennsylvanie workers’ compensation benefit checks have stopped arriving and you have questions about your options, consider Barnard, Mezzanotte, Pinnie and Seelaus, LLP. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 610-565-4055 or contact our Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law firm online.

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