Pennsylvania Underage Drinking Defense

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Underage drinking — doesn’t everybody do it? For all practical purposes the answer is “yes.” But underage drinking is still against the law and, when a conviction occurs, your child’s future may be altered forever. Legally, penalties can be serious and include:

  • A lengthy suspension of driving privileges
  • Fines
  • Community service

Consequences, though, don’t stop there. Additional penalties can occur if charges are filed in conjunction with a related crime such as underage possession, using a fake ID or underage DUI. Once a conviction occurs, your child may face difficulties regarding:

  • Scholarships
  • Participation in school programs
  • Admittance to colleges and specific university programs
  • Employment opportunities

If your child has been charged with underage drinking in Pennsylvania, contact the attorneys of Barnard, Mezzanotte, Pinnie and Seelaus, LLP. As seasoned criminal defense attorneys, we have a long track record of successfully fighting charges against juveniles and in mitigating legal consequences.

If evidence against your child is strong, we can also work to have his or her charges expunged so that, in the future, your child’s record is clean regardless of whether a conviction occurred.

At Barnard, Mezzanotte, Pinnie & Seelaus, we believe your child deserves leniency and a second chance following an error of judgment. To contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and to learn more about your child’s options following an underage drinking charge, call 610-565-4055.

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