DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer Media, PA

DUI ArrestAt Barnard, Mezzanotte, Pinnie & Seelaus, your DUI defense and minor criminal charges defense will be aggressively handled by our experience attorneys. Our law firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of those accused of minor crimes in Delaware County, and other surrounding counties, in Pennsylvania.

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Delaware County DUI / DWI Defense

If you are stopped on suspicion of a DUI, you are likely scared and worried about how a DWI conviction could harm you. We seek to alleviate your stress by informing you of the ways we can defend against a DWI charge, such as challenging the Breathalyzer test, or determining your eligibility for a first-offender’s program that would not result in your having a criminal record.

Criminal defense lawyer Mark Pinnie has over 35 years of practice in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and will use his extensive experience to prepare a tough defense on your behalf. He has handled countless driving under the influence cases and is well versed in evaluating, assessing and assisting clients accused of drinking and driving.

Defense Against Other Criminal Charges in Pennsylvania

In addition to strong DUI/DWI defense, our law firm represents clients who are charged with other minor crimes. Our criminal defense representation includes:

  • Traffic offenses, such as speeding, reckless driving, not wearing a seatbelt
  • Underage drinking
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Retail theft

Regardless of what minor criminal charge you are facing, we will use our defense experience to benefit your case as we seek a dismissal of your case or a reduction of the charges if it is in your best interest.

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